Italy.  Olive grove and villa with an area of ​​350 square meters.  An island near Sicily is up for sale again

Italian media reported that the island of Santa Maria, located 500 meters off the coast of Sicily, is again for sale. There is an olive grove and a villa with an area of ​​350 square meters. After the reduction, the price became 12 million euros.

Italian media reported that the small island of Santa Maria, located off the coast of Sicily, opposite the city of Marsala, is for sale for 12 million euros. This is the second attempt to sell the island. Five years ago, the owners wanted €17 million for it, but were unable to find a buyer.

Santa Maria is a picturesque island with an area of ​​​​11 hectares, located 500 meters from the beaches of Sicily. There is an olive grove, a villa of 350 square metres, and a smaller residential building.

Santa Maria Island Google Maps

For several years, the most interesting offer in many Italian cities, especially deserted ones, has been the sale of houses for one euro. Such opportunities are offered, among others, in Sicilian cities. Interest in these proposals is expressed primarily by foreigners who, by purchasing such a house for a token currency, undertake to renovate it at their own expense.

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Concerns of environmentalists

Local media report that when Santa Maria Island was first put up for sale, environmentalists expressed concerns that a tourist resort would be built there, which would disturb the local landscape in this picturesque place located on Sicily’s largest lake, Stagnoni.

The Greens then appealed to the Ministry of Culture to protect them.

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