June 10, 2023


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Italy. It is forbidden to keep fish in round aquariums

The ban on keeping fish in round aquariums is one of the provisions of the regulation drawn up by the authorities of the city of Treviso in northern Italy. As emphasized in Justification, swimming in circles makes them feel numb and tense.

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The provision of spherical aquariums is included in the set of animal protection regulations. The local edition of Corriere della Sera reported that it was prepared by a team of experts and city council representatives.

As noted, previous regulations were intended to combat animal mistreatment, while newer regulations contain many steps and guidelines for appropriate treatment.

For example, it was forbidden to overwork working animals with work. There is also mention of dogs being able to enter public utility buildings, where they were previously prohibited.

But for the first time, aquarium fish were also mentioned, and it was forbidden to keep them in glass globes.

There are several reasons for justification. The limited size of such aquariums, which prevents adequate oxygenation of the water. In addition, he explained, the shape of the ship forces the fish to swim in circles; This, in turn, causes them to have a distorted view of their external environment and causes them to become stressed. Under the new regulation, this could be considered abuse.

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The new regulations regarding animal protection have yet to be finally approved by the Treviso City Council.

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