June 8, 2023


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It will start on Monday.  Shocking ladybug!  - O2

It will start on Monday. Shocking ladybug! – O2

From October 31, you will pay only PLN 12.49 for ground coffee from the Tchibo family (500 g) in Pedronka. Milka chocolate 250-300 g will cost 7.99 PLN. However, there is a small problem here. In order for this price to appear on the receipt, you need to purchase three packs.

There’s also a free 2 + 1 promo for all Kraina Wędlin’s fresh cut deli meats. 50 percent cheaper than usual, you’ll get a second pack of all frozen Merwena Kraina fruits.

For half the price you will also get the second product from the category “Hair cosmetics”. Persil XXL powder for 52 washes (3.38 kg) currently costs PLN 32.99. Biedronka claims it’s a great price.

You will be able to take advantage of these promotions until Saturday 5th November. When planning shopping in Pedronka, it is worth considering that on November 1 (Tuesday – Halloween) the stores of this chain will be closed. Similar to all other big supermarkets have discount discounts.

The beetle will stay open longer

This Monday, October 31, more than 1,800 Pedronka stores will be open until 23:00 or more.

When some chains operating in Poland report plans to shorten the opening hours of their stores, Biedronka is keeping longer hours for customer convenience the day before Halloween. However, since on a non-commercial Sunday, October 30, all branches of the chain (traditionally, except for those at railway and bus stations) will be closed, it is worth stocking up on necessary purchases in the days before the holiday . It will be possible in more than 3,300 facilities across the country, of which more than 1,800 are open until 11 p.m. or more, and the rest mostly until 10 p.m. – we read in Pedronke’s announcement.

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