It will start at 8pm in Biedronka.  “Daily limit – 4 jars”

Biedronka surprises her clients every now and then. This time they decided to introduce another version of the “Labor Day Discount Hours” campaign.

Only promotions will apply May 29 (Wednesday) from 20:00 to 23:30. During this time, you will save on MK Cafe Premium Gold Instant Coffee 175g. The price of a jar is PLN 15.45.

The daily limit – four refills per Moja Biedronka card – informs the network.

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Wyborny Rapeseed Oil 3L will be priced at PLN 11.99 per bottle. In this case, the daily limit is four bottles for the Moja Biedronka card.

Products are available while stocks last. Standard terms and conditions for promotions are available on the notice board in the store and at – Biedronka confirms on its website.

Ladybug is going crazy. This is what you will save on Wednesday

All day long on Wednesday (May 29), they’ll be offering roasted pork neck in a jumbo box. The price with the application is PLN 9.89/kg.

All Moja Kurka coop eggs are covered by the 2+1 campaign for free. The daily limit is one free pack per Moja Biedronka card.

You may also be interested in our promotion of Vacuum Packed Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets. Free 1+1 campaign implemented here. The limit is two packs (max. one free) per Biedronka card.

But there is also an opportunity to save on all Adidas products. Here the free 1+1 promotion is implemented using the Moja Biedronka card or the Biedronka app.

The daily limit is four packs (maximum two free) for the Moja Biedronka card – notes the discount store.

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