It was filled with more fuel than the tank capacity.  There could be several reasons for this

54.68 liters on the distributor An LPG meter is nothing unusual. The problem is that the man who saw such an indicator is in the car – he claims – 50 liter cylinder. short Video on Tik TokFilming of this event has already found many viewers, and motorists are wondering about the solution to this mystery. Maybe they had something to do with it the weather is hot?

– & Poetry ; The effect of outside temperature About how many liters of LPG we can fill to the maximum, is happening. However, it is usually just a trace. There are many factors that may influence the discrepancy between the indicator of the distributor and the capacity of the LPG tank. Regardless of the outside temperature, incorrect operation of the tank valve, as well as an incorrect metering diffuser may be – says, Dr. Eng. Piotr Wieczorek of the Institute of the Automotive Industry (PIMOT).

The difference in the amount of LPG that can be refueled to a maximum occurs in winter and summer and there is nothing unusual about this phenomenon. A sudden jump of about 10% However, when the temperature rises in the summer, it will be surprising according to the researcher. There are still two leads. The first is Malfunction of the pressure valve of the LPG tank.

For safety reasons, LPG tanks cannot be fully refueled. All of them are equipped with a pressure valve It allows you to fill it with fuel about 80 percent. This is necessary to provide the LPG with room for the expansion that occurs with the change in temperature. If the valve fails, it could allow you to fill up with more fuel than ever before. Going to the site will explain it. But before that, you have to “take out” the refueling, because with the tank filled with LPG, the hands of the mechanic will be tied.

The third possibility is Distributor statement error. In such cases, drivers usually see the bad intentions of the owners of a certain point. Audit Bureau Report 2015 He showed that – at least at the time – cases of incorrect scaling were not isolated by spreaders. In the case of unannounced inspections Irregularities were found in 14 percent. Petrol station.

At the time, the Supreme Audit Office stated that the staff of regional measurement offices checked the validity of the measurement every few years or even several years. Furthermore, only two of the six branches ever performed LPG metering controls. In the years 2012-2014, offices examined only 3 percent. Distributors working in the premises of officials. Perhaps the situation today looks completely different, but so far NIK has not carried out another audit, which would provide us with new data.

Which of these factors was at fault? unknown. It is possible that all of them contributed to the effect. The situation presented in the short film is surprising, but not clear.

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