February 2, 2023


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It reveals his health in connection with the Guerrero Elias project |  Melissa Losa |  Deba Losa |  Fall |  EEG |  Players |  Fighters |  Go American TV |  TVMAS

It reveals his health in connection with the Guerrero Elias project | Melissa Losa | Deba Losa | Fall | EEG | Players | Fighters | Go American TV | TVMAS

American television report on the fall of Elias Montalvo

“I have no fracture, they took tomographies, X-rays of my leg, legs, spine, everywhere. I’m fine. It’s one foot of my left leg. They bandaged me. The other leg is fine.”Added.

“How are you guys? I’m doing this story to tell you that I’ve persisted. I have a guardian angel. He always takes good care of me. I want to tell you that the doctor told me the results were positive.”, Elias initially pointed out through his social networks.

Through its social networks, America Television published a letter in which it regrets the events that took place on the show “This is War” and reaffirms its commitment to “the safety and well-being of our collaborators.”

“What I went through was so strong, I knew it was not the time to blame anyone. I knew the measures in the plan were too drastic. I dropped myself, unfortunately failed, it could happen anywhere, and I fell.”, Lament.

Elias Montalvo reappeared on television after a tragic accident during an intense contest called “This Is War”. The famous dictator was initially smiling, but broke down when he described the difficult moments he lived after the fall.

Deba and Melissa Losa hugged after caring for Elias

This is war: Elias’ comparisons give him his words

Participants in the competition reality show gave words of encouragement to Elias Montalvo after the fall last Tuesday, September 21st.

It was war: high games were awarded

Drivers said Elias’ accident was caused by a mistake that had to be reviewed at all high-altitude games, according to drivers who were in charge of the project’s sports security, so these tests will be suspended.

Start the program

The drivers start a competitive reality show, indicating that Elias Mondolvo is in good health, in addition, everyone talked to him about his accident in one of the tests.

“Sunabil’s study team has begun relevant research procedures to begin investigations into this work accident”After responding to other users with the same message, he said through his Twitter account yesterday.

In addition, the Commission provided information and training on risk identification and risk assessment (IPER) to ensure that the EEG is capable of working at altitude.

The company pointed out that it had already begun investigations into the crash last Tuesday, 21 Tuesday, involving partner Elias Montalvo.

EEG: National Oversight of Labor Studies pronounces what happened to Elias Montalvo

The National Observer for Labor Studies (Sunabil) promised this Wednesday that it would disable competition for this war (EEG) program, which would put reality TV participants at risk. For more details Our note.

Followers of Elias Montalvo on social media expressed their concern that “this is war”.

Remember that men against women today are a special and different program. Let’s go with the first couple. “Gian Piero added a little tension to Theas, but led to a singing game.

This is war

Elias Montalvo has been hit hard in the latest edition of “This is War.” The young man was playing ‘Ridmo a Coco’ and after the appearance he had to fall to the ground, but the line of life did not support him properly. For more details Our note.

EEG participant Elias Montalvo crashed during a height test of a competitive reality show. The hosts of the show mentioned that ‘Guerrero’ would be great.

Follow today’s plan here This is war.