It is not the end.  Camille Stoch has another great goal.  Ma³ysz: It rarely happens

full stoush Go down in the history of the Olympic Games. Previously, none of the jumpers had achieved such an excellent streak of good results in three consecutive matches. Since 2014, the pole has been in first, first, fourth, first, sixth and fourth positions. However, the pole was ruined by the fact that he did not manage to win another medal.

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One mistake from the Stoch medal. “This has happened to him before.”

– Apparently I do not deserve this medal – he said with tears in his eyes at Eurosport. He added: – It is clear that it is neither my season nor my time. I find it hard to accept, but it is. I can only say that I did what I could. I really did my best. I couldn’t stand anything today. Stoch himself admitted that he would probably appreciate his result after some time, but at the moment he is devastated and cannot be happy about it. He understands transit well Adam Ma³ysz.

Adam Macys on Camille Stoch:

– Kamel is frustrated at how close he is. Fourth place will be fine before the games. It is likely that he will take them blind. Only when the good jumps appeared, did he know he was going to fight for a medal. He put a lot of heart, strength and energy into it. He has had a lot of success on his account, but he still puts himself in it. It is rare for someone to make such a sacrifice. Kamil grows up, and it becomes more and more difficult for him to achieve success. It is known that there are young people whose organisms react faster, and it is easier for them to adapt to changing conditions.

DJs from Jamaica are better than the Poles. He attacked Kranjic and took a medal. king of edermat

Kamel Stoch may still come back from Beijing with a medal, but it will be very difficult for him. On Monday our team will fight in the tag team competition and it is not without a chance. There is only one condition, for level Stitch Partners should also jump. Especially David Kobaki and Peter Shea, who are critically leaping beyond their abilities in a large facility. You also have to count on the successful jumps of Pawe Wąska, but in the individual competition (21st place) he showed that he is able to fly even more than 130 meters.

Camille Stoch’s Last Scalp Unmasked. “That would be the motive.”

But Kamil Stoch has a more important goal for this season. And not the team competition in Beijing, but the World Figure Skating Championships in Vikersund, which will take place in early March. M¦wL gold is the only achievement that full stoush In his career not yet. he have silver He won in 2018 in Oberstdorf, but the gold medal will allow him to match the achievement of Mate Nikkanen, who has scored absolutely everything in vaulting. – I hope so. This is something that Camille does not have yet. This would be another goal and motivation. He knows very well that he can afford it – added Adam Maes.

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