It hasn't been so close to Earth in 59 years.  How do you watch Jupiter in opposition?

Although it is invisible at first glance, it is Planets of the solar system They move across the earthly sky. This is due to its orbital motion around the Sun and also to the fact that the Earth is also moving, thus changing our perspective of the universe.

thus There will be opposition to Jupiter. The shield of the largest planet in the solar system will take place in the sky, directly opposite our star today. This means several important consequences that will facilitate observing the giant gas in the sky.

It is worth starting with the fact that Jupiter has been visible in the sky for several months. For example, take part in the Planetary Show, which ran from April to June this year. for him Then the notes demanded an early wake-up callBecause it occupied that part of the sky that was visible late at night or very early in the morning.

After several months The Earth changed its position in its orbit, approaching the fifth planet in the solar system. previously September 26 This cosmic race will reach its climax The Sun, Earth and Jupiter will line up. In the following months, it will be possible to observe the largest planet in the solar system in the evening.

The upcoming opposition will be accompanied by a more important event. Jupiter is now approaching perigee. It is the point in the orbit of a planet that revolves around the sun and is closest to the center of the solar system.

The last time we met him under these circumstances was in 1963, 59 years ago. So there will be another one Good opportunity for insightful observations of Jupiter in the sky of the earth.

This is because during the immediate opposition Jupiter will be 590 million km from Earth. So the recording will be soon, and therefore – it will turn out to be a large and bright one.

Jupiter Visible even with the naked eye. previously On the night of September 25-26, it will rise around the same time as sunset. This means that later in the evening, their number increased Jupiter must be higher above the eastern then southern horizons.

Its dial can’t be missed, but to make sure it’s what you’re looking at, it’s worth helping yourself with binoculars or a telescope. Even simple magnification should allow Galilee moon notesIt is the hallmark of Jupiter.

These are four shiny points lying on one level near Jupiter. From 22:15 on September 25 to 00:37 on September 26, one of them, Io, will pass in front of the giant gas shieldIt is an additional motive to watch.

Moreover, the first half of the night The Great Red Spot will be visible on Jupiter’s facewhich can be seen in small astronomical telescopes.

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