In the current epidemiological situation, there is a need for compulsory vaccinations for doctors and services important for state security, according to the cardiologist, lipid specialist, epidemiologist of cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Maciej Banach from the Medical University of Lodz.

According to the researcher, we are already in an advanced stage of the fourth wave of the epidemic, and after more than 18 months of experience, risk factors that contribute to the acute course of COVID-19, as well as Long-Covid, are known.

“We are now dealing with the Delta Corona virus, which we did not know at the beginning of the epidemic. It is a highly contagious type and people who have not been vaccinated run the risk of developing severe disease. This possibility is increased by risk factors, including obesity and heart disease “- emphasized the professor . Banach. “The more I don’t understand why so many people still don’t get vaccinated, and what’s more, they’re convincing others, often relatives, not to get vaccinated – which often ends in the tragedies we observe in hospitals,” he said.

Now we have six thousand infections a day in Poland. In the Lubelskie Voivodeship, hospitals are already at the limit of their capacity, in other parts of the country, for example in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the situation is not so bad, but it is also possible that it can change dramatically ”- warned a doctor.

“So let’s feed, feed and feed again,” he said. In addition, we now have many diseases as a result of infection with other viruses. There are now many infections of different viral diseases among children. And not only SARS-CoV-2, for a year and a half, the smallest did not move as usual. As a rule, children were in one place, and then now a different other infection ”- he pointed out.

Prof Banak said there are not enough vaccinated people to forget about basic health safety measures that must be followed not only in the event of a pandemic. The scientist also mentioned that people who are overweight or have heart disease should pay special attention to their safety.

“Such people should continue their treatment and monitor their health so that the risk of contracting the disease is minimal,” he advised. I naively wished that at least part of the audience would wear face masks in confined spaces. Unfortunately, I often feel strange when I go somewhere with my nose and mouth covered with a mask, and I am the only or the only one among the few who comes forward ”- informed the cardiologist, adding that regardless of the epidemic, we should wash more often, because the virus Coronary isn’t the only one that’s dangerous to our health pathogens.

“Security measures do not really limit our freedom, nor do they limit our constitutional rights, say some opponents of vaccines. These rules protect not only against SARS-CoV-2, but also against influenza viruses, parainfluenza as well as rotaviruses, RSV viruses “- said the epidemiologist For cardiovascular disease. “These pathogens, which have been in a specific hibernation for more than a year and a half, are now particularly dangerous, as are people with risk factors such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. People are also dying from complications from the flu.

“We are also witnessing another epidemic. During the pandemic 50 percent of people are overweight or obese, that is, every second person,” Banak stressed, adding that extra kilograms could also be risk factors contributing to a potentially more serious course of COVID-19.

The professor reiterated that the best way to prevent a pandemic and its consequences is vaccination. “It’s not just people who haven’t been vaccinated, but those who can be infected by people who aren’t immunized,” he said.

“If we do not provide compulsory vaccinations, for example to doctors, health services and regular services, if we do not ban the movement of unvaccinated people, we may be in a dead end, in a state of disarray. After all, it is about the security of the state. Medical, social and economic.” The United States, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux, it is necessary to vaccinate medical staff and other services which is a strategy for the safety of services, and the restrictions apply only to the unvaccinated” – he said.

“In other countries, vaccinated people have covid passports, they have full rights. People who have not been vaccinated cannot use certain things because they are dangerous. Why is it not introduced in Poland?” – he asks.

“In my opinion, there is a need for compulsory vaccinations, at least for medical personnel and services that provide real social security, because if we have 50,000 cases of infection a day, who is going to deal with it? First, the paramedics, then the police, firefighters and the army.”

“If they are to be closed, then when vaccinated – as in our country – 50 percent of the community, only locally and regionally. And only for unvaccinated people.” Yes, not to shut down the economy, because I suppose there could soon be 20, 30 thousand infections in Today” – summed up Prof. Banach. (PAP)

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