It does not consume electricity and allows remote communication.  All this according to the laws of physics

Detailed arrangements in this regard are available on pages Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The authors of the publication claim that, thanks to their approach, it is possible to transmit information wirelessly without providing power to the antenna. Instead, it is sufficient to open and close the switch that connects the resistor to the antenna.

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According to the researchers, the system they designed could one day be used to create all kinds of data transmission devices. These can be, for example, miniature sensors or medical devices placed inside the body. Deprived of batteries and other energy sources, they could be a real revolution. Interestingly, apart from the energy needed to toggle the switch, the transmission of information itself requires no other source of energy.

In the case of the construction described, this switch is transistor. This electrically powered switch has no moving parts and consumes little energy. So where does the antenna power come from? Its source is random thermal noise that occurs in all electrically conducting materials due to the movement of electrons driven by heat. permanent mobile phone It is not, one would like to say. But at first glance, it is not difficult to relate to the “impossible” arrangement.

No need for an external power source is highly desirable for communication devices

The radio signals from our transmitter transmit heat. If there is a spontaneous flow of signal from the transmitter to the receiver when there is no temperature difference between them, then one can harvest that flow for free energy, which breaks the second law. […] The transmitter draws almost no power, but the receiver draws quite a bit of power, up to 2 watts. This is similar to receivers in other very low power communication systems. Almost all energy is consumed in the base station, which has no power consumption limits.
Scientists explain

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For the further development of the project, its developers would like to increase the speed of data transmission and the range of the entire system. In addition, it is possible to use it to create implantable devices. There is no need to expose the patient to a strong external radio signal, which will undoubtedly benefit his health. Researchers also talk about using other natural signal sources for communication.

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