Istanbul authorities banned the equality march. Hundreds of police on the streets

The Istanbul authorities did not agree to organize a march for equality in the city. The statement said the gathering was started by “various illegal groups.” Hundreds of police officers were deployed in the city streets. Services are closed to part of the city centre, and there are many communication difficulties. This is intended to make it more difficult for participants to reach the presentation site.

The 32nd Equality March was scheduled to start in Istanbul on Sunday. But the governor’s office said in a statement He does not agree to the march Organized by “various illegal groups.”

Duvar’s website confirms that it is not known what groups the governor was referring to, because the penal code does not recognize the crime of “being a member of the LGBT community.”

In Turkey’s largest and most populous city, several main roads and streets leading to the historic Beyoglu district, where the marches have traditionally been held in recent years, were closed. Two metro stations and a train station in the area were also closed. Public transport does not operate according to schedule.. According to the website, this is to prevent march participants from reaching the site.

Istanbul banned the equality march

Hundreds of police were deployed in and around the Byeong-gu area to control pedestrian traffic. Barricades and checkpoints were set up.

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Sunday’s march comes as the culmination of Equality Week in Istanbul, which has been ongoing since June 24. Information about the various events organized within it was not published for security reasons.

A year ago, during Istanbul’s 31st Pride Parade – which was not officially banned – More than 90 people were arrested.

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