Is your phone draining fast?  Make sure these 7 apps are disabled.  Your smartphone battery drains instantly

Currently, there are many smartphones on the market that surpass each other in terms of the number and variety of modern functions. Unfortunately, this requires putting more and more massive batteries in them. However, more often than not, you don’t feel the difference in how long they work compared to older phones. Why? This is due to the fact that we are installing more and more apps on our devices which effectively drain the entire battery in the blink of an eye. Watch 7 apps that do it faster.


With the development of modern technologies, mobile phones perform more and more diverse functions. In the past, it was only used for phone calls and sending SMS messages, which were limited to 160 characters. Over time, simple games, multimedia messaging technology, and undemanding applications appeared on it.

After the transition to touch screens, smartphones have turned into almost full-fledged mini-computers. They can play movies, surf the Internet, or write long documents. Currently, hardly anyone owns at least one mobile device, and many people use several.

This progressive technological revolution It also requires increased power consumption, which also requires larger and more efficient batteries built into smartphones and tablets.. Despite the fact that these are getting more capacious, their lifespan is shorter. And that is because we are using more and more apps that are squeezing the last juices out of the device.

Due to the increase in power consumption, external batteries called power banks are becoming more and more popular. However, it is large, heavy and inconvenient to use. They help increase battery life, but they are a temporary solution and not very convenient. A much better idea is to become aware of why our phone drains so quickly, that is It is necessary to identify the applications that we may not use much, but those that run in the background contribute to draining the power of the smartphone.

The software installed on our smartphones can also consume power when we are not using it at all. Therefore, it is worth removing them from the phone or limiting the operation of those devices that are completely unnecessary to us and obviously shorten the precious battery life.

Check out the 7 apps that consume the most battery power on your phone. Click the gallery!

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