Is Nintendo Preparing for Something Big? The Company Releases a Dark and Mysterious Trailer

What are Nintendo’s plans? Who is Emu? The company just released some very short and disturbing material, and gamers are wondering what it might be.

“Emiyo”. That’s basically all the content that was conveyed in the trailer posted on the official Nintendo channel. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on at the moment, but players already have their own theories. Maybe Nini is preparing a real horror movie for us.

More text below the video.

The article is too short. The teaser shows a mysterious character named Emio, and the whole thing is accompanied by very disturbing music. The Japanese even created a special website, Which you will find here, But for now there is only the film material.

In the video description we can only find the hashtag #WhoIsEmio. (Who is Emu?) Players also noticed a text at the end that meant “smiling man.”

We’ll likely know more details soon, unless Nintendo drops more mystery bits from time to time. If the Big N is indeed preparing a horror game for Switch, that would be great news. So it’s worth following the topic.

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