iPhone SE 3 with a possible release date.  But you're not likely to want it

The information comes from several independent sources that the third generation iPhone SE will appear soon. Unfortunately for those interested, it is said to be a very conservative product, not to mention poor.

Rumors about the iPhone SE 3 are heating up the industry. After all, whatever the saying goes, it’s all about it Economy version The most famous smartphone in the world. Moreover, it opens the field for many speculations. Unfortunately, according to the latest reports, wishful thinking has dominated the facts so far.

As reported by TrendForce, a well-known Taiwanese analytics company, the iPhone SE 3 will be presented in In the first quarter of 2022, probably in March to hit stores shortly thereafter. But that’s the end of the good news.

iPhone SE 3 or iPhone 8 + A15 Bionic. And nothing more than that

The source adds that Apple is building its budget About 5GDesire to provide service of this communication standard at the lowest possible cost. Now – according to Ming-Chi Kuo, who has already repeatedly received behind-the-scenes information from Cupertino, in other aspects, the phone will be A carbon copy of the current iPhone SEThe actual iPhone 8.

Simply put, it will offer, among other things, exactly the same 4.7-inch LCD screen, the old-fashioned chin or a single 12MP camera on the back. It’s just that it all comes together The well-known A15 chip from the iPhone 13.

Is this a surprise? Well, it has been rumored for some time that the new iPhone SE isn’t going to kick anyone out. However, given the stories about the possible dusting of the Xr model, and even more about the alleged new design, with reference to the mini sub-series, you can be somewhat disappointed by this technological indifference. Anyway, knowing the market, he will make his money anyway.

Image source: press materials

Text source: TrendForce, ed. King

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