iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra goes live

Have you been waiting for a leak that will show the iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra Live? The smartphone is without a case, and you can see it from every angle. What has changed compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

There are still 5 months left until the premiere of the new Apple flagship. Despite the rather early time, a video has already hit the network, in which the design of the most powerful iPhone in history is clearly visible. You have to give them one thing. These thin bezels would be the envy of all the leading Android phones. here iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra In full glory.

iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra goes live

What we see below is a dummy made on the basis of molds supplied to case manufacturers. Add to these CAD drawings and you get the real look of the machine. As a result, the final iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra may differ only in small details. What do we have here?

iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra / Photo Unbox Therapy

We have record-breaking ultra-slim frames. You can complain that the cutout (pill?) for the front camera and FaceID is large, but the truth is that the screen’s thin, symmetrical borders will distract attention from it. The only thing missing for full immersion is to hide the sensors under the matrix. Let me remind you that, according to analysts, this will happen only in 2027.

iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra / Photo Unbox Therapy

What happened to the device mute slider? Switch to a button. However, we already know that it will not be a tactile miracle, but just an ordinary physical button. My dream is to make it programmable. With the knowledge of Apple, it will only be partially fulfilled. I’m strangely quiet because it will be used to call Siri at first.

iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra / Photo Unbox Therapy

Does iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra have USB-C? Well, of course, otherwise they would not be allowed to be sold in the European Union at all. The weight of the device is not expected to change. It’s a pity, because a little slimming will come in handy here.

iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra / Photo Unbox Therapy

Did today’s spill whet your appetite? See everything we know about the iPhone 15 family 5 months before launch. We already know the price.


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