iPhone 13 will be much more expensive.  Will Apple pass increased costs to customers?

Leading supplier of chips for hardware An apple It is the Taiwanese concern TSMC. From information obtained by DigiTimes It appears that TSMC plans to raise the prices for their “advanced and mature processing technologies” by up to 20 percent. The new price list will come into effect in January.

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A great smartphone that sells poorly. iPhone 12 mini is full of paradoxes [TOPtech]

This is bad news for Apple, but also for many other smartphone manufacturers. However, the Cupertino company already has an idea to compensate for the higher production costs Iphone‘ai Mitigating its impact on profitability. What will Apple do? According to DigiTimes, it will do what most companies would do in a similar situation – pass on the increases to their customers.

Apple will likely set higher prices for the upcoming iPhone and other series

– I read the report.

What size increases are we talking about in the case of the iPhone 13? It is difficult to pass judgment today. Remember, last year’s cheapest iPhone 12 mini was priced at 3599 withł, and the most expensive iPhone 12 Pro models – running Zloty 7 199.

iPhone 13 coming in September. What can we expect?

The premiere of the latest iPhone 13 will take place in a few weeks – In the first or second week September. We already know that, like last year’s model, the “Thirteen” will come in four variants. This will be the phone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Hardware only looking to Minor changes in design – For example, an island with the main cameras on the back of the smartphone will be moved slightly. The new screen case looks more interesting. Apple will equip iPhone with a screen 120 Hz ProMotionAlthough this change only affects the Pro version, cheaper models are still expected to use the board 60 Hz.

The iPhone 13 will of course be powered by the new Apple A15 processor, which is likely to be “XYZ” faster and more efficient than its predecessor. There have also been reports of a device variant with up to 1 TB of data memory.

In addition, there are changes in the cameras. If the rumors are confirmed so far, this year Apple will focus mainly on video functionality. that they.in a. o Ability to record movies in . format ProResAs well as recording with effect peach.

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