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Biometric verification is one of the most convenient and secure ways to restrict access to private user data from unwanted external interference. However, no one has yet come up with a perfect solution, which they can see until recently People trying to unlock their iPhone using Face ID with mask. If you believe the latest reports, then the currently tested unit will not present similar difficulties.

iPhone 13 with the new Face ID?

Apple working on an improved face recognition engine for use in devices bearing the Apple Bitten logo – reports (unofficially) Technical front page. For testing purposes, the Cupertino company is expected to use A special case for iPhone 12 with a set of newly developed sensors, Allow to overcome the limitations caused by the privacy of the sensors currently in use.

Concept Art (Source: Front Page Tech x RendersBylan)

Apple employees are required to wear masks and goggles to help develop the technology they are expected to enable Unlock the mobile device without removing personal protective equipment and other face covering accessories. This is a very useful thing for people who use the tech giant’s solutions on a daily basis, but do not have or decide not to buy an Apple Watch for various reasons.

In addition, as noted by eyewitnesses, the differences between the described unit and the one currently in use are not only practical, but also aesthetic. They mention a slightly narrower structure than before, which in their opinion may or may not be so It leads to a new iPhone coming to market in the near future with a smaller indentation at the top of the screen.

smartfon apple iphone prototype smartphone face id
Concept Art (Source: Front Page Tech x Rendersplan)

Autumn is fast approaching, so A series of conferences entirely dedicated to upcoming Apple devices It should start soon. The question to what extent the presented novelties will meet the expectations of loyal fans of the brand remains open.

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