Ipek from the series Promyk Nadziei vs Gülşah Aydın.  See photos from the plan and private life [17.10.21 r.]

In one of the main roles of the series “Ray of Hope” (Tur. Bahari Beklerken), which is broadcast on Polish television on Channel Two, is played by the talented and beautiful actress Gülşah Aydın. Play the role of Epic. In our photo gallery, we present photos of the actress from the set of the series, but also from her private life. Watch what it is up to on a daily basis and on the set of Ipek or Gülşah Aydın movies.

Online premiere of the movie “The Power of a Woman”. See the report.

Gulca Aydin was born in Istanbul in 1990. Despite her young age, she has already made a name for herself among fans of Turkish cinema and serial lovers. She started her studies in acting after completing her school education. Gülşah Aydın attended acting workshops at the Cultural Center in Sadri Alışıka. She studied acting for a while, and film and television producers noticed her talent.. The actress graduated from public relations.

This is what Gülşah Aydın, the Ipek series from “A Ray of Hope” looks like, privately and on set:

The beautiful actress was seen in the competition program “Everything is worth me”, she also starred in several commercials, and then landed on the set of the series “Ray of Hope”.

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