Interview with Claudette Dion in “7 Jours”: Celine Dion’s health worries international media

“Celine works hard, but doesn’t control her muscles,” explained Claudette Dion, the singer’s sister, who suffers from stiff person syndrome, in an interview recently published in the magazine. 7 days.

Since then, these unexpected revelations about Celine Dion’s illness have made the rounds in the international press and have been reported in several media outlets: in the United States, Los Angeles Times And citing an interview with gossip site TMZ, in France, Le Parisian, Le Picaro, The Vanity Fair and platforms People Here it is And Gala They were also worried about the comments of the singer’s sister.

Celine Dion has to deal with cramps and stiffness after suffering from a rare neurological disease that has forced her to cancel her shows and her planned 2024 tour.

However, he gave his fans hope in a rare public appearance during the Canadian tournament in Vegas a few weeks ago. Five days later, she attended a Katy Perry concert in Las Vegas.

As her sister revealed, Celine continues to fight and maintains “incredible mental fortitude.”

In her interview with journalist Daniel Deignault, Claudette Dion continues: “There are some who have lost faith because it is an unknown disease. If you only knew how many calls we get at the Foundation to hear from Celine! People tell us they love her and are praying for her. She receives many messages, gifts, blessed crosses.

For her part, Claudette Dion is worried, but she hopes her sister will recover. “In our dreams and in his dreams, it’s certain to return to the stage. In what state? I don’t know. The vocal cords are muscles, the heart is a muscle. This is what gets me. Because it’s one case in millions, scientists don’t do that much research because it doesn’t affect many people.

The international press picked up on the comments, asserting that it was “worrying” and “very reassuring” news about the singer’s health.

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