January 28, 2023


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Internet users had no mercy.  This is how they laughed at Kadyrov

Internet users had no mercy. This is how they laughed at Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Internet users in social media decided to remember the sporting exploits of the Chechen leader. This is how they try to make fun of him.

Łukasz Witczyk

Ramzan Kadyrov

Getty Images / Twitter / Pictured: Ramadan Kadero

There is evidence that Chechen fighters were supposed to take part in the invasion of Ukraine. Their leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, who supports the regime of Vladimir Putin. People all over the world did not like the Chechen intervention. There is a kind of campaign in social media in which “Kadyrovets” is mocked.

And there are many videos that show how Chechens “wrestle” with traffic lights, and are also shown in situations that make fun of them. Internet users did not spare Kadyrov. His sports “achievements” were called.

One of the Internet users posted a video of Kadyrov’s basketball training, who tried to throw the ball into the basket several times. There was a very long road to success. In the end, the captain lost his patience and kicked the ball.

He is also not very good at kicking the ball. The video below shows how Kadyrov tries to pass to one of his teammates in the match. He was about to fall.

Kadyrov does a little better with the organization. In 2011, he brought former Brazilian players to Grozny, who played against Chechnya. He took two penalties in this match and missed both.

Let’s add that Kadyrov is behind the club Akhmed Grozny, which is successfully competing in the Russian League.

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