International scandal before the European League match.  'Unexplained abuse of all fans' Pekka Nona

Ministry of the Interior in France I decided to fans Lazio They will not be able to come to Marseille to support their team in the fourth round European Championships. The ministry justifies the ban on the “violent and repeated behavior of some Lazio fans around stadiums and city centers”, as well as “the repetition of chanting fascist songs and throwing Nazi salutes.” masses Lazio You cannot enter the country either individually or in organized groups. Those already in France are not allowed to enter Marseille.

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Eric Abidal was influenced by the pole. “He could be, like Lewandowski, an example for young footballers”

The match in the Legion group is in jeopardy. Napoli will submit an application to UEFA

Ban Lazio fans from entering France. There can be a quarrel

The Italian club made a strong statement on this. She says the decision in itself is no surprise. For Lazio, the justification of French minister Gerald Darmanin was shocking. “Lazio cannot accept everyone being unreasonably insulted fans Team. “We have always fought against violent behavior and all forms of discrimination, both inside and outside the stadiums,” the statement said, adding that it expected clarifications from the French ministry as well as reactions from Italian diplomacy.

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The French decision did not come as a surprise to Lazio, as no fans from Marseille attended during the first meeting between the two teams at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. This was the result of the ban on French fans before Italian the authorities. Most likely, both of them were afraid of a riot. In 2018, the fans of both teams also clashed during the group match in European League. About 200 people were reported to have participated in the riots, and four were injured after being attacked with a knife.

On the occasion of the Olympic – Galatasaray match in The At the end of September, the weather was not calm either. At that time, there were also riots, as a result of which 32 law enforcement officers were injured. As a result, one of the stands will be closed during the match against Lazio.

Cesare Mizzta and Victor OsimhenSuddenly the Napoli star approached the Legia player. “It happened” [WIDEO]

Olympique Marseille He will face Lazio on Thursday, November 4th. In the first match in Rome, a goalless draw was scored.

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