Intergalactic supernova.  Astronomers brag about the first such discovery

Supernovae are unknown. These are cosmic explosions, many of which have already been identified in our galaxy. However, no intergalactic objects of this type have yet been known. Now that has changed thanks to a mysterious episode called J0624–6948.

Object J0624–6948 . is located Near the Large Magellanic Cloud A satellite galaxy in the vicinity of the Milky Way. There, astronomers found a circuit that emits radio waves called the ORC. However, this particular object turned out to be unique.

Photo: Filipovic et al., MNRAS, 2022

J0624–6948 is located between the Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud

ORCs are related to central galaxies, but not to J0624-6948. the object has Different wave emission and much larger. Scientists believe that this is The first intergalactic supernovawas discovered.

Where does this J0624-6948 come from? Scientists believe that this is the remnant of the explosion of the edge star Large Magellanic Cloud. It expanded in such a way that it found itself in intergalactic space. Scientists have estimated the age of this supernova from 2.2 to 7.1 thousand. years and has a diameter of about 155 light years.

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