Interest rates in Poland.  A significant increase has been proposed.  There are results

During the Monetary Policy Board meeting in May, a significant increase in interest rates was proposed. The only person who supported the application was Joanna Terovic.

It appeared during the May meeting of the Monetary Policy Council (MPC). The request to increase interest rates by 200 basis points, which was supported only by Monetary Policy Committee member Joana Tajorovic – according to the National Central Bank’s statement on Friday. The rest of the council members, namely Adam Glabinski, Ireneiusz Dabrowski, Iwona Duda, Wieslaw Janczyk, Cezary Kochalski, Ludwik Kotecki, Przemysław Litwiniuk, Gabriela Maslowska, Henryk Wonowowski, were against it.

There were no further requests to change interest rates during the May meeting. As a result, the Monetary Policy Board kept interest rates unchanged, including the reference rate at 5.75%.

Also in April, there was a proposal for a 200 basis point increase – supported by none other than Joanna Tajrovic. A month ago, in March, the Monetary Policy Board rejected requests for a 200 basis point increase. And 25 basis points.

Interest rates in Poland

Interest rates remain at current levels as of October 2023. The National Bank of Japan’s key reference rate as of October 5, 2023 is 5.75 percent

Level of other interest rates: – Lombard rate 6.25%, – Deposit rate 5.25%, – Bills rediscount rate 5.80%, – Bills discount rate 5.85%.

In contrast, the inflation rate in Poland in May was 2.5 percent. Compared to April, it rose by 0.1 percentage points. At the time it was 2.4 percent.

Core inflation – May 2024PAP

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