interest rates.  Discount possible already in September?  Monetary Policy Committee Member: I will vote

“I will vote for the reduction.”

Asked to comment on the latest reading, Gabriela Maslowska said, “The pace of inflation reduction was expected to weaken.” – However, we have a downward trend, very persistent, for several months. It seems that nothing can stop this downward trendThe more we deal with it also in other countries in the vicinity of Poland – said the MPC member.

– If the downward trend of inflation continues and other macroeconomic factors do not change radically, and I mean in particular the weak growth rate of GDP abroad, as well as the weak domestic economic situation, then there is a reason to discuss lowering interest rates – said the first deputy.

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I stress that I do not speak for the Council, but only my personal views. In my opinion, there are reasons to cut interest rates. CIf there is a proposal to cut interest rates at the MPC meeting in September, I will vote for it – confirmed Gabriela Maslowska.

I’m not sure how big the cuts are

So what will the reduction be? The MPC member does not wish to prejudge this matter. As I emphasized, it will first be necessary to thoroughly analyze all of the data that NBP analysts will provide to the Board prior to the meeting.

She stressed that in the face of high uncertainty, it is also difficult to determine the appropriate size of cuts throughout 2023.

The next meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee is scheduled for September 5-6. It was postponed twice: first to September 12-13, and then to the initial date of September 5-6.

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