Intel ends overclocking processors without the letter K in the name
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January 21, 2023, 18:18

Bad news for people who want to overclock locked Intel Raptor Lake processors. The company just made that option impossible.

For several generations, Intel has been preparing processors with an unlocked multiplier, allowing advanced users to overclock them. Changing the BCLK setting (that is, the so-called base bus) allows chips to be overclocked without a “K” in the name.

Of course, you need the right motherboard to do this. People who want to overclock Intel’s banned 13th generation processors will have to do without flair. From now on, it would be impossible, because the company has discontinued this practice (via wccftech). What has changed with the Raptor Lake chips?

Everything is due to the lack of a microcode that unlocks the possibility of overclocking processors with a theoretically locked multiplier. Although the availability of this option was limited to Z series motherboards, many users eagerly used it.

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Will motherboard manufacturers release updates to circumvent Intel’s limitations? Unfortunately, this is impossible, because the aforementioned lack of microcode in Raptor Lake processors is to blame for everything. So it is unlikely that chips without the letter “K” received overclocking potential.

Blue’s approach to such practices by users shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The company certainly did not like the fact that consumers bought and overclocked cheaper processors, receiving after the processing systems their more expensive counterparts.

This means that users looking to overclock their units will have to turn to more expensive models that allow this option. However, will the difference of several hundred zlotys, as well as the need for a better cooling system, be compensated by the difference that a decent overclocking of the processor will undoubtedly provide?

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