February 4, 2023


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Intel ARC A770: We know the performance of the card for normal computers

Intel ARC A770: We know the performance of the card for normal computers

After laptops, it’s time for desktop computers. We’re talking more graphics cards from Intel and the performance of the ARC A770. Is there anything to wait for?

This year, we’ll have a lot of premieres of new processors and graphics cards for desktop and laptop computers. However, one of the most interesting events is likely to be the emergence of new products from Intel. Contrary to appearances, we are not talking about the CPU, but about the graphics systems. More specifically about the Intel ARC Alchemist series.

Intel ARC A770 performance leaves much to be desired

Blue devices already presented the cheapest series targeting laptops at the end of March, which is the Intel ARC 3. More precisely, the A350M and A370M models. We’ll have to wait until at least the summer of 2022 for more powerful variants – Intel ARC 5 and ARC 7 – and proposals for desktop devices. But it looks like they’re almost ready, and the Americans are doing their last tests and getting ready for the drivers.

An interesting entry has appeared in the Geekbench benchmarking software results database. Related to testing the Intel ARC A770 chip, any external graphics card Installed in the PCI Express slot on the motherboard. It was paired with an Intel Core i5-9600K processor. It is a representative of the ninth generation called Coffe Lake, which Blue employees often use in their internal tests.

The Intel ARC A770 will have 32 Xe cores, i.e. 512 controllers, and it will be paired with 16 GB of VRAM. The base clock in the described test was 2400MHz, just 200MHz more than the base Intel ARC 3 model of laptops. Power consumption should be 175 watts or more.

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Intel ARC A770: We know the performance of the card for normal computers

How does this translate into performance? No interest. 85,585 points on the OpenCL test are not much, even lower than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop with a score of 89,012. After all, it’s not a performance demon. However, it is worth postponing the final conclusions until the first official presentation. We don’t know at what point both the Intel ARC A770 and graphics drivers were tested. A lot can still change here.

Intel ARC A770: We know the performance of the card for normal computers

The question is also will we see higher models like the Intel ARC A780 featured in previous leaks? In any case, for many people such a performance will be enough, especially in the case of Full HD resolution or network addresses. The price we see in stores will be more important.

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