Inflation will force interest rates to rise.  Average installment up to PLN 250 per month

We are on a collision course with perhaps even double-digit inflation and the MPC may have no choice but to roll back its policy of stimulating the economy at low interest rates. Economists believe that interest rates will rise next Wednesday, the only question is how far? Most forecasts 0.5 p. Loans will soon become more expensive, and those who have already taken them should prepare for larger installments.

  • Economists have no doubt that the Monetary Policy Board will raise interest rates on Wednesday after the latest inflation data
  • Most expect a rise of 0.5 dpi. Combined with the previous height, this gives a total of 0.9 p
  • This increase from the average housing loan 330 thousand. PLN gives an increase in the monthly premium by about PLN 250
  • More such information can be found on the Onet homepage

The inflation rate was 6.8 percent. in October – This surprising information was provided by the Central Statistics Office on Friday. Surprise, because the average analyst ratings were 6.4 percent, and only the biggest pessimists estimated 7 percent, or even 7.1 percent.

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