This year whatever delicacies decorate your table, they are plausibly worth much pricier than they were any time before. This tendency is noticed across the world from Brazil to China, including Romania the remaining countries. Taking into consideration the price increase results of various countries, it is no doubt that festivities of the end of year influence them greatly, counting workforce shortage and the presence of Covid-19.

In Brazil, unemployed household women declared that cod and turkey have been habitual decorations for the table in many homes on the holidays over the previous years. In the current year, those centerpieces will not appear on their tables due to the growth in their prices. They supplemented that eggs are considered as a new type of pork in their homes and even beans and rice are not affordable for them. In these cases, one of the most beneficial options to gain money and increase an income is gambling on online casino Canada websites or applying the fit application.

It is not a secret that Brazil is one of the biggest producers of agricultural goods on the globe. But because of the demand abroad that soars high, and the regional currency decreases, exports become a more lucrative business, leaving Brazilians with less food in their country. In the meanwhile, the weather conditions are extremely bad this year, the toughest drought over the century came sequentially to an unusual frost and made serious harm to the national crop, causing inflation. Owing to the calculations of the specialists’ various types of meat prices grew approximately from 15% to 24% over the previous year.

Making Stocks leads to extreme costs growth in China

The Trade Ministry insists on the existence of food abundance, mainly in those countries with a large population. Nevertheless, households in China never cease to stock up, and actively pile up, notably after the declaration of the Chinese government that they will receive some encouragement from the government in case of restocking ahead of winter, providing themselves in case of the danger of travel confinements, the outbreaks of the virus, unwholesome weather conditions, and many others. The ordinary purchase per family is a sack of flour, but currently, each family buys 2 or 3 sacks but the more people stock up flour, the higher prices will soar. The sacks got more expensive, nearly 30% than there were a month ago. On the other hand, sellers are not able to raise prices, otherwise, they will lose clients.

Romania: prices are soaring up and cut down the agriculture in the villages of Romania

In the past, the celebration of the holidays was passing in a traditional scenario-to purchase a pig from an entrusted farmer, cut its throat, scald its hide, and clean the skeleton with the aid of mates and members of the family at the daybreak the eve of New Year. Each piece of the animal was applied during preparing dozens of meals to feed a large family at Christmas and New Year holidays. It was only a tradition.

The farmers who have raised pigs throughout their whole life say that it is not beneficial anymore this activity thanks to the high costs of electricity and feed as well as the outbreak of a deadly fever for pigs. In addition, buyers are choosing easier ways to eat, for example, the purchase of sausages. Apart from mentioned reasons, there are also traveling limitations alongside Covid-19 that maintain a lot of Romanians abroad. This means shrinking dinners and the absence of incentives for cooking a large amount of pork.

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