Infernal machine in the trailer.  Guy Pearce in a psychological thriller

The first trailer for the movie “The Infernal Machine” was presented, which may interest fans of psychological thrillers and suspense. The film will premiere in digital distribution at the end of September.

Guy Pearce has starred in “How To Become King”, “Memento”, “Los Angeles Secrets” and “The Hurt Locker”. In “War Trap”, the actor is now the main character in another interesting production.

“The Infernal Machine” tells the story of a lone and controversial author of the book of the same name, who has to deal with his “obsessive fan” – Bruce Cogburn (played by Pearce) receives a lot of letters from a mysterious person and thus, the writer has to deal With his past, he reveals the ultimate truth about the Infernal Machine.

On September 23, the premiere of the film will take place, which will only be available for digital distribution, but the first trailer may be interesting. It will be a psychological thriller about “obsession and deception” directed by Andrew Hunt.

It stars Alice Eve (Black Mirror, Men in Black 3, In Darkness. Star Trek, Sex and the City 2), Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan, Lost). “Justified: Unforgiven”) and Alex Pettyfer (“I’m Number Four”, “The Beast”, “Race Against Time”).

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