“Indiana Jones” mocks Americans in new trailer
One of the most anticipated announcements during the Xbox Games Showcase yesterday was definitely “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.” After the previous announcement that indicated a release this year, everyone was waiting for a specific date to be announced during the Microsoft exhibition.

Although the new MachineGames game hasn’t received a specific release date, we did receive a long trailer filled with new gameplay scenes, featuring puzzles and action sequences typical of the Indiana-starring film series. The whole thing was completed with a comedy sketch in which a German mocked American popular culture and the narrowness of American minds. However, the icing on the cake is the final scene in the trailer, which is a re-creation of the well-known scene from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, where Indiana runs away from a large rolling boulder.

Will “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” work as an FPS? We’ll find out, hopefully, this year.

Key announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase:

• Deadly death powraca! Bethesda Zaboyada “DOOM: Dark Ages”

• “Gears of War” takes us back to the roots of the series! “Gears of War: E-Day” is coming!

• “Starfield” receives mod support and a new expansion announcement

• The future is digital? Xbox introduces new versions of Xbox

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