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Ega Shevitec – Sorana Cirstea 6:2, 6:3

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Thanks for today. We continue to play. Together with the world ranking leader.

And after work. The second set point used in the scale. 6-3 in the second set. 2-0 in every match. Welcome to the Polish lady in the semi-finals.

The feature is safe, but it’s not yet a win-win. 5:3.

The amazing thing is that at some point the fate of this group became more and more uncertain. The world ranking leader was already 0:15 into this game, but she quickly pulled herself together when she needed it most. You have only lost one trade so far and are enjoying a safe progression again. 5:2.

Let’s not feel it. Świątek, as in the first group, gets into unexpected trouble. The second match in a row is not for her. 4:2.

And the cake will not be baked. Iga loses her transmission unexpectedly. Only one ball has been won in this game. 4:1.

This can no longer be stopped. Iga breaks its opponent for the second time in this group. 4:0. Are you preparing to bake another bread (set to zero) for the group?

Fans from California certainly cannot regret coming to court.

We go on – with Iga – and we don’t stop. Cirstea only saved herself once with an effective comeback. In addition, each time she had no idea how to stop the tennis strength and intelligence of a Polish woman. 3:0.

The machine from Raszyn does not stop. Cirstea makes a lot of errors on her serve and loses the second set to 30. 2-0 to our favourite.

And we start the fun right away in the second group. Right from the match, which Świątek won. 1:0.

Yes sir! It was a long game, full of twists and turns, but in the end our player used the second set ball that was in her hands. 6: 2 in games, 1: 0 in sets, 1/2 of the plans for the semi-finals have been fulfilled.

Perhaps our expectations will come true at any moment, because we are once again entering the Roman app. Świątek wins the game cleanly. 5:2.

We count on as many Iga like returns as possible.

This may be the main gem of this collection. Cirstea made several errors in the service, including two major ones – when leading the 40:30 world standings. We have another break and lead 4: 2.

But Monday! – These problems can’t go on forever. Well thought out game by Rasinian, which brings its third game. 3:2.

Unfortunately, a game that had been going so well suddenly started to run into trouble. Cirstea takes the lead on his serve and equalizes at 2-2.

And this time a surprise. The needle is broken after the scales. Ball switch out of service. 2:1.

Citizens support the 32-year-old. So far to no avail.

And again until the 15th, but this time in the Roman service. Iga breaks Cirstea. 2:0!

Iga is great at match. She only lost one deal on her serve and is now in the lead. 1:0.

We are about to start.

Rybakina entered the semi-finals with a jab. We wish the same for Iga.

The Czech-Kazakh duel is over. Iga should be off the field soon.

Master of her profession.

Švedik will enter the field after the match between Karolina Mošová and Jelena Rybakina. At the moment, the two ladies are fighting in the third set, where Kazaszka is leading 4: 3.

Recently, Iga has become famous for a slightly different reason. And she expressed her dissatisfaction with one of the opponents entering the match in the Russian club shirt.

The Polish woman hasn’t dropped a set in three matches in California.

Iga Świątek will soon start the fight for the semi-finals of the tournament in Indian Wells.

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