Indecopi: Jesús Alzamora and his wife María Paz anti-vaccine company Farándula nndc investigation |  Performances

Influencers in cross chairs . In the last hours, the daughters of dictator Josie Martinez and Melissa Klug, Samahara Lopadone and Gianella Marquina, are being investigated for secretly advertising to bookmakers. The list also includes married couple Jesús Alzamora and María Paz González-Vigil, but this time to promote the anti-vaccine organization.

Eloy Morgan, the man responsible for making the complaint public, revealed through his Twitter account that he and his wife had published publications to promote the anti-vaccine company “Biotech”.

It claims to have a “machine that regenerates cells damaged by COVID-19. Fraud and irresponsibility together”, The spokesman wrote on his social network, where he tagged Indecopi.

The National Institute for Competitiveness and Intellectual Property Protection (Indecopi) responded to the complaint with a clear statement to Eloy Morgan via Twitter.

“We appreciate the information and are already investigating the case. Indecopi is constantly monitoring whether influencers comply with current regulations., It pointed out.

Indecopi report. (Photo: @@ IndecopiOficial).

Jesus Alsamora’s response to the complaint

Influencer Jesús Alzamora used his Twitter account to speak out against spokesman Eloy Morgan’s complaint, pointing out that he was not against the vaccine.

“We’ve been vaccinated, we believe in vaccines. Going to a place where there is alternative medicine is not in any way acceptable to the company’s opinion. Before sending the yellow tweet, you may ask. But is the morbidity still pecan?, Is the message of Alsamora.

Jesus Alsamora's response to the complaint.  (Photo: @@ JesusAlzamora).
Jesus Alsamora’s response to the complaint. (Photo: @@ JesusAlzamora).

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