March 27, 2023


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Increasing the number of vaccinations in Bulgaria.  The authorities have introduced green passports

Increasing the number of vaccinations in Bulgaria. The authorities have introduced green passports

to achieve significant growth vaccinations The Bulgarian Ministry of Health reported on Saturday that Bulgaria signed after introducing the duty to obtain green passports from Thursday, which allows entry to restaurants and a number of public facilities.

Green passports in Bulgaria. Queues in front of vaccination sites

Already on Wednesday, when new government decisions regarding green passports were announced, 13,000 people were vaccinated, more than double the number in previous weeks. Queues formed before the vaccination points. On Thursday, 28,000 were vaccinated. People, on Friday – 24 thousand.

The ministry informed that several vaccination points will be operational during the weekend.

The number of vaccinators exceeded 1.4 million, or more than 22%. Population. The authorities do not hide that the introduction of green passports, in addition to stopping the increasing spread of the epidemic, is aimed at motivating Bulgarians to vaccinate. Prime Minister Stephane Janio has stated that this is the only way to avoid another lockdown.

Protests after the introduction of green passports

At the same time, not everyone agrees with the policy of green passports and vaccinations. Protests were announced on Saturday in Sofia and a number of other cities against the government’s decision, which the demonstrators call “fascist”. The teachers’ union has warned that forcing them to vaccinate will lead to significant job resignations.

Some professional medical organizations also do not agree with the restrictions. In this environment, about 30 percent. Vaccine opponents.

At the same time, a number of new injured do not fall. The last day recorded 4,826 new infections and 136 deaths. According to international statistics, Bulgaria ranks second in the world after Romania in the number of deaths per million people.

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From Sofia, Ewgenia Manołowa (PAP)

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