December 6, 2022


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Incident on the Russian-Estonian border.  General Skrzypczak .'s comments

Incident on the Russian-Estonian border. General Skrzypczak .’s comments

Estonia said on Tuesday that a Russian helicopter The Associated Press reported that border guards had breached its airspace over the weekend.

The military statement said that a Russian MI-8 helicopter flew in the airspace of Estonia in the southeastern part of the country on Saturday evening in the area of ​​the village of Koidula, located next to the Russian border.

According to the Estonian army, the Russian helicopter was in Estonian airspace for about two minutes, its transponder was turned off and it had no radio communication with the Estonian Air Navigation Services, the media reported.

In response to this incident, the Russian ambassador in Tallinn was summoned to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received a protest note

General Skrzypczak: No leniency towards Putin

In an interview with Onet, the former commander of the Polish Ground Forces, General Waldemar Skrzybczak, said that in response to such incidents, “a system must be established that warns Russia that if it violates airspace, it will be interpreted as making an attack on a country acceptable.”

This is a provocation. NATO must firmly Respond and announce that in the event of further violations, air defense will be activated. No more dragging the nose. The Russians have always done this – General Skrzypczak emphasized.

The military confirmed when asked if this meant that in the event of another such incident, a Russian helicopter or plane should be shot down by NATO.

– I think so. Complete immersion in Putin. It violates the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. He said that decisions should be taken at the NATO summit in Madrid using appropriate measures to prevent such violations.

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