Ina Sobala - daughter of Małgorzata Pieńkowska, debuted in "It must be love"

girl Małgorzata Pieńkowska, Ina Sobala, viewers may relate to the role in the series “M jak miłość”. Now the actress makes her debut on the big screen. She starred alongside, among others Małgorzata Kożuchowska and Tomasz Karolak in It Must Be Love – a romantic comedy directed by Michał Rogalski. The production tells the story of three sisters who live love in their own way. On Tuesday (26.10) the official premiere of the film was held, at which a whole group of stars appeared. Among them is also Ina Subala. How did she look?

Ina Sobala debuts on the big screen

As Ina Sobala admitted in an interview with Karolina Gilon, It Must Be Love is not only the first romantic comedy in which she starred, but also the first major film with her participation.

– said the daughter of Małgorzata Pieńkowska, who will appear alongside, among others Małgorzata Kożuchowska. Ina Sobala, when asked about collaborating with a more experienced colleague from the industry, replied:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

In the romantic comedy “It Should Be Love”, the young actress plays the role of a vlogger. When asked how she enjoyed playing the influencer, she replied:

Photo: mwmedia / MW Media

Ina Sobala

The actress also said:

Ina Sobala has played a role in the series for some time “m like love”, where you can also watch her mother, Małgorzata Pieńkowska (Maria series). She played the role of Agha – employees of the “Bistro around the corner”. However, the actress decided to stop producing. In episode 1518, the heroine who plays her decides to set out on a journey around the world.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Małgorzata Pieńkowska and Ina Sobala at the presentation of the group Aneta Kręglicka X L’af Minimal

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