In the event that the president of the Polish Football Association is elected, the secrecy will be lifted.  The advantage is only growing football

99:16 – This was the result of the elections five years ago, in which Zbigniew Boniek He overtook Josef Wojciechowski, thanks to which he remained president of the Polish Football Association for a second term. That’s about to end, and during the public reporting and election session on Wednesday PZPN A similar result can be expected in favor of Cesare Colisa. The former president of Jagiellonia Białystok can be sure that he will become the successor Punica And the most important decision-making person in Polish football.

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Short circuit in Zbigniew Bonek Conference. Please point me to the errors.

The feature is only growing

According to our information, Cesare Colisa Currently, he can count on as many as 98 to 102 delegate votes for Wednesday’s conference, of which 118 in total, meaning Marek Konminsky will get only 16 to 20 votes.

Moreover, the closer to the director, the greater Kulesza’s advantage over Koźmiński. A month ago, Kulesza from Bialystok could count on about 80-82 votes. A week ago, there were more than 90 votes cast, and hours before the vote, the number of delegates who would vote for PZPN’s current vice president of professional football fluctuates around a hundred.

A week ago, we announced that more people will be going to the website of former President of Jagiellonia Białystok.. Marek Kominsky’s behavior (secret negotiations with Cesare Kulesza) made his allies turn away from him. Two of the “barons” (heads of the county assemblies), who hitherto supported Koźmiński and omitted in his conversations with Kulesza, felt betrayed. They themselves contacted the rival camp with a proposal to switch to his side. According to our information, the talks are going in the right direction for Colisa,” we wrote. It has already happened.

On Wednesday we will meet the new president of the Polish Football Association! How do delegates vote?

From what we have learned, Cezary Kulesza’s recommendation to members of the PZPN Board of Directors will receive up to 12 “barons”, that is, the heads of the provincial football associations. This group will include, among others, Eugenius Nowak (Kojawsko-Pomorsky ZBN), Bowie Wojtala (Velkopolsky ZBN) and Radoslav Michalsky (Pomorsky ZBN), that is, people who have long been in the camp of Marek Kominsky. Nowak and Wojtala were the first to report to Kulesza, and had them quote from the text a week earlier. Later, they were also joined by Michalsky, who seemed to be Koźmiński’s staunch ally.

Moreover, Kuleza supports up to 13 “Barons”, but Marek Shukowski of Warmiński ZPN has resigned his seat on the board of directors and will instead work in the offices of the football headquarters. It was the biggest confusion in the Kulesza camp during the campaign, but in the end he decided to return to the group of fans – there are many indications of this – the future president of the Polish Football Association.

Due to the ease of counting, only three provincial union chiefs would endorse Marek Konminsky. They are Andrzej Padewski (Lower Silesian ZPN), Ryszard Kołtun (Małopolska ZPN) and Mirosław Malinowski (Świętokrzyski ZPN). But in the سwiوكtokrzyskie region, not everyone speaks with one voice. Two delegates from this region will vote for Cesare Colizza.

Seats on the Council have already been “granted”, so what about the Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General?

Much could have happened on the last night before the convention, the so-called “pre-election night”, as crucial issues were often settled before the elections scheduled for the next day. However, all the seats on the board have already been filled. Plus 12 “Barons” and Cezary Kulesza, future vice president of professional football, Wojciech Cygan (President Rakuwa Shestochova), plus two reps each Premier League And the first league. As Adam Godlowski of Sportowy24 told, these will be Karol Klimczek (Why Poznan), Jacob Tabies (Krakow), Marcin Janicki (President of the First Football League) and Tomas Lisinski (Audra Opole).

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Four more positions are yet to be filled – three vice presidents for training, regulatory and financial affairs and foreign affairs, in addition to the general secretary. There is no decision yet on who will be appointed to these positions. It has long been known that PZPN’s vice president of amateur football will be Adam Kaymerichak (President of Lodz ZPN), and the vice president of professional football, as previously mentioned, Wojciech Segan.

The most important for Cesare Colizza is the position of Vice President of Training. Training and its improvement is a priority of the former President of Jagiellonia Białystok. It was also the most important point in the program of the future successor to Zbigniew Bonek, and therefore Kulesza would not allow himself to be a random person in this position. What’s more, the issue of training was most blamed on the former ruling team, headed by Bońek and Marek Koźmiński (still the current Vice President of Training).

Sławomir Kopczewski, a trusted man from Cezary Kulesza, has a good chance of becoming Vice President of Training. The head of Podlasie ZPN has been cooperating with Kulesza in the past few years Jagiellonia BialystokWhere to this day he holds the position of Director of the Academy, and is developing in a very good direction. The result is a modern training center, as well as as many as five Jagiellonia teams in the Central Junior League, which no club in Poland has achieved so far. However, it must be emphasized once again that Colizza’s camp still lacked clear preferences for the four mentioned positions.

The start of the general meeting for the report and the election PZPN Wednesday at 10:30. It is scheduled to last about five hours, so the name of the new head of the football headquarters should be officially known around 2pm to 3pm.

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