In Shmilno, they commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the series "A Journey for One Smile".

Part of a cult series, shows, contests, and fashion show from the 1970s that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the premiere of “One Smile’s Journey”. Earlier, a film referring to this cult series was shown at the House of Culture.

“A Journey for One Smile” today is the status of a cult series. Scenes were created in various places in Poland, including Kashubia, including Chmielno, Kartuzy, Somonin, Gdańsk and Sopot.

Half a century has passed since the series aired. The local fishery group “Kazzopi” decided to celebrate this anniversary. The event took place on Troyan Square in Shmelno, where the series was filmed years ago.

– Chmielno is a gem of Kashubian Switzerland and Pomerania, Chmielno is a beautiful history. This square is a much more interesting story – it is the vows of the rebels, as well as events such as the famous Cybulski wedding. A lot of things happened here, great people came here. Today we have the opportunity to participate in the celebration of this series. Here in the summer of 1951, scenes from the movie “Travel for One Smile” were recorded. 51 years of filming and 50 years of the premiere of this work – said Stanislaw Klimovic, President of Kaszuby FLAG.


– It’s a very solemn day, symbolic buckle. It has been 50 years since the production of the series in which a generation of Poles has grown up. Even though 50 years have passed, the chain is still relevant today. Despite the progress made in cinematography, it is still good to watch – said Mikhail Milibroda, Mayor of Chmilno Municipality.

A large audience can watch part of one of the episodes of the series. Enjoy vintage cars and costumes from the 70’s and 80’s by the Historic Reconstruction Collection.

A memorial plaque was unveiled to mark the memory of the scenes of the series, and a knowledge competition on “Travel for One Smile” was held. The stage was performed, among other things, by the song and dance troupe Chmielanie, and the audience was entertained by “Kaszubianki”.

The competition for the “Dodo Bag” was also judged. The task of the participants was to create a bag that, with its contents and appearance, recalled the 70s of the last century. Prizes won by: Nicodim Reglinsky, Oliwa Zinszica and Honorata Kozymkoska. The third place went to Kacper Regliński, the second – Kinga Kuziemkowska, and the winner was Aleksandra Klasa.

– I collected things for my friends and family – said the winner. I felt a little sorry that all the things of my late grandmother, who lived in Ręboszewo, had been cleared from the attic. There was a mine of knowledge, a mine of many items – said the winner.

Earlier, in the Shmelno House of Culture, the film “Tam, where the two millionths bloom” was shown, which refers to the journey of one smile. We will write about it in a separate article.

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