“In-Laws 2”: Kuna, Ostaszewska, Woronović and Kolm instead of Dorosinski

part One “in-laws” The audience was a little surprised. Homely Atmosphere – The Wedding in Polish cinema has a long and rich tradition, but in this most ambitious edition it reflects the traditions of Wyspiański. Whether it’s Wajda or Smarzowski, it’s an excuse to look at Poland and the Poles. To everything we sweep under the rug and what we put on the table to show off to others. At the funniest, with exceptions like “Testosterone”whether “panic attack”Rather, it does not knock you off your feet and does not go beyond general images or stereotypes.

At the same time, “In-Laws” is not a microcosm of national vices, a satire aimed at the great and the poor, but a pure moral drama in which rich and poor, two social classes, and two camps collide: the bride and the groom. . Someone pays for the wedding, someone does not want to pay or prefers to pay less. The prospect of combining two families into one terrifies everyone except the bride and groom. Clash, like the Rebels with the Death Star, in the air.

Marcin Dorosinski, Maja Ostaszewska, Behind the universe I Adam Woronovich Which he conducted Director: Jakub Michalczuk They give a bold display of their comedic talents, and they are all supported in this task by editor Wojciech Włodarski, who perfectly senses the rhythm and pace needed for this kind of humour. Never too early, never too late – the gag and word have to be executed correctly and exploded right then and there just the second for them to work. This is what happens in “In-Laws”. And “Tusyach 2”?

The decision to produce the second part must have come naturally, especially since the young couple, despite their parents’ will, never stopped loving each other. This time she took over the directing Kalina AladrokiskaWhich received critical attention for the film “Nothing is lost” And the series “sex”. The screenwriter remained the same: Marek Modzelewski. Most of the actors from the first part came to the set – with the exception of Marcin Dorocinski. The location has changed – from an elegant hotel to an exclusive resort where newlyweds invite their loved ones a few days before the ceremony. So they can relax and unwind, and maybe finally kiss? They liked it quite a bit. Or at least to make them stop wanting to kill each other. Will he succeed… Will there be peace between the warring families? The answer is not as clear as it may seem. It’s an obvious one: a good sequel repeats what worked, but should also offer a little bit of something new.

Heroes from the old elements return with all their vices and beliefs: Malgorzata Wilke (Maja Ostaszewska) still considers herself better than others, and bravely wears the mask of a cold and arrogant bitch, but Wanda Čapek (Isa Cunha) keeps up with her. They both practice the theater in front of them, and in Magorzata’s case his decoration (this is new) is his young companion Jan Sznaider (Eric Klum Jr). Tadeusz Chrapek (Adam Woronowicz) prefers to drown all his shyness, fears, failures and complexes, as well as his wife’s expansionism, quietly in a cup. Everyone wants to escape each other (well, some would rather shorten the distance significantly – no spoilers though!) but will there be anyone to play against? Then how do you make the audience laugh?

As in the first part, the sources of laughter are Chrapek’s hairpins and Mrs. Welk (Mr. Welk-Dorosinski is known to have been busy with Tom Cruise). The jokes are not always at the highest level, and sometimes they are more rude than in the first part. Very direct. Yes, no tact. Although it must be admitted that there are more touching scenes when the characters take off their masks and reveal themselves to each other and to the audience. There is some contemplation here, a space for mature women and their desires, dreams and disappointments. The characters become less exaggerated and less caricatured. Just a human being.

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