In June 2024 Gino Sounard will leave “Salt Bonjour”.

The big news on Tuesday morning on the TVA side: Gino Chouinard announced that he will step down from the leadership of “Sult Bonjour” in June 2024, after much thought.

The host confirmed this to his loyal audience during his morning show pilot for the 16th season.

“Because I was there in the morning, you let me into your homes (…) and for that I am very grateful,” Gino Sounard told the audience.

“When I finish my contract in June 2024, I will no longer be your guest in the morning (…). I am the one who made the request to TVA,” he added.

My wonderful adventure will end with a big family called “Sult Bonger”. […], because it’s time to make time for new projects I have in mind. This is an important decision that I had to take after 20 years in office. Despite a few short nights, I especially remember thousands of happy mornings,” said Gino Soinard.

I know you will miss me as much as the big “Salute” family. Until then, we still have time to enjoy beautiful moments together. Thank you for your loyalty!” he continued.

By announcing it so soon, she said, she allowed her grieving to begin. His co-workers, who form a family with him, surrounded him to say kind words to him, some holding back their tears. Gino shed a few tears in front of a stage full of people who came to applaud him. He spoke of the “demanding” tenure he wanted to complete “while he was still enjoying it.”

After waking up in the middle of the night for more than two decades, he can be proud of going with viewers on four hours of live television every day. With great love and respect for the public, its guests and its collaborators. This affection was reflected in the 14 Art Trophies she received in a row for the title of Best Animator in the Service Project category. This means Gino Soinard’s successor will have big shoes to fill.

“My kids have never seen me do anything else,” he said with a smile.

According to other statistics revealed by the channel, Gino Soinard will have conducted more than 10,000 interviews on “Sult Bonjour” and as of November 29, he has accumulated 3,640 episodes of live animation.

When he leaves in June 2024, Gino Soinard will be in charge of “Sult Bonjour” for 17 full seasons. It’s also worth noting that he animated “Sult Bonger Weekend” for four seasons, so he got up at the crack of dawn for 21 seasons for TVA.

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