In Japan, a screen prototype was created, which, apart from the image, also leads the taste

The device called TTTV (Taste the TV) uses a mechanism with ten flavor containers that are sprayed in the right combination to re-taste a particular food.

Doses of substances are placed on the health wafer that covers the food visualization screen. You can then taste or smell these substances. The creator of TTTV, Professor at Meiji University in Tokyo, Homei Miyashita, estimates that the commercial version of the device should cost 100,000 yen (3,600 PLN).

The inventor assures that in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the device will make it easier for people to interact with the outside world. An unusual display could, for example, allow people staying at home to try alternatives to restaurant dishes, facilitate remote courses for bartenders and chefs, or organize quizzes.

Previously, with 30 students he collaborated with, he created a number of inventions related to taste sensations, such as a fork that enriches the taste of dishes. The professor talks to different companies about the use of spray technology to apply, for example, the taste of pizza or chocolate on a slice of toast.

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