January 28, 2023


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Limit cen na benzynę i olej opałowy wszedł w życie na Węgrzech. Będzie obowiązywać przez trzy miesiące. Za jego naruszenie stacjom benzynowym grozić będzie kara.

In Hungary, the gasoline price cap came into effect

The price cap on gasoline and heating oil came into effect in Hungary. It will be valid for three months. Gas stations will be punished for violating them.

Inflated nearly 7 percent. Significant increases in the prices of poultry, sugar and oil

Inflated nearly 7 percent.  Significant increases in the prices of poultry, sugar and oil

from On Monday, the price of 95-octane gasoline and ordinary heating oil may not exceed 480 forints (6.05 PLN) per liter. The cap does not apply to premium fuels.

According to the government decree, stations that violate this rule face a fine of 100,000. up to 3 million feet (1,260-37,830 PLN). It will be possible to apply it even several times a day, if the control showed an additional violation of the limit.

In more serious cases, in addition to a fine, stations can be closed for a period of four days to six months.

You cannot exceed the limit by closing the station. According to the decree, if it has been selling gasoline in the past three months, it is obligated to sell it for the next three months. On the other hand, if the station has not yet sold 95 octane gasoline and normal heating oil, it is obliged to sell premium fuel at a limited price.

The aim of the government’s decision was to ease the financial burden on the population in a situation where inflation approached 6% and fuel prices rose by 30%. Since the beginning of the year.

The Hungarian Petroleum Association (MASZ), which represents the majority of small Hungarian fuel sellers, has expressed its displeasure with the reduction, noting that The government does not compensate for lost revenue. MASZ has announced that member companies will abide by the new regulations, but they hope the government will monitor the economic consequences of the decree on an ongoing basis and demonstrate a willingness to speak with market players.

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