In Google Pixel 6 we find a camera from ... 2016.

We got acquainted with the array of matrices that will be used in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Choosing Google… mystifying.

When we talk about flagship phones, their cost is more than 3000. PLN, we usually mean devices with the best technology available in the market. The fastest internal memories, the most RAM, the best screens and lenses. Of course – sometimes there are exceptions. Such a perversion is, for example, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, which I recently reviewed for you. Here, however, you can understand, because Lenovo is a smaller company even than Samsung, Apple or Google. However, if we are talking about Google, then in the case of their flagship also may not be the “flagship”.

What cameras will be in the Google Pixel 6?

As with any high-profile premiere, we already know almost everything about it several weeks before the phone is shown. Recently, thanks to the PhoneArena website, we found out what arrays another Google smartphone will contain.

Pixel 6 Pro

  • Main lens: Samsung GN1
  • Phone / Zoom: Sony IMX586
  • Wide angle: Sony IMX386

Pixel 6 Pro

  • Main lens: Samsung GN1
  • Wide angle: Sony IMX386

At first glance, you can see that we are not dealing here with the main units. While the Samsung GN1 is a relatively new 50 Mpix unit, so far it has only been found in Chinese devices like Vivo, IQOO or Meizu. In addition, we have the IMX586 for telephoto, which has 48 megapixels and this matrix is ​​used in the primary lenses of devices such as the OnePlus 8T or Oppo Reno4. Finally, we have a wide angle here in the form of a 12 Mpix IMX386. It would not be surprising, if not for the fact that it is a unit from 5 years ago and has already been used in the middle and low price range.

Of course – in the case of Google, a lot depends on how the program works. The company has proven more than once that it can take pictures on weaker equipment that can be compared to the best in the industry. However, it’s hard not to get the impression that the phone, which will likely cost more than $700 (the Pixel 5 costs), could be a slightly better device. The more it goes that in the basic version of the Pixel 5, the wide-angle camera will be the only one, apart from the main camera, that users will have at their disposal.

In other words – it’s really better for Google to do miracles.


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