June 3, 2023


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In February 2023, the final end of Internet Explorer

The days of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 are numbered. Support for the browser has been out for quite some time, and now Microsoft has announced when it will finally be disabled. IE11 will stop working in Windows 10 on February 14, 2023 — interestingly enough, thanks to the Edge update.

Windows 10, although it already has its successor in the form of Windows 11, it still runs on the vast majority of computers with “windows”. Many may be interested in the announced update Microsoft Edge browserwhich will appear on Windows 10 PCs in February 2023. Microsoft will finally disable Internet Explorer 11 as a browser in this way.

Users who require Internet Explorer on Windows 10 – mainly in practice for compatibility with certain applications at work – can be used IE mode Available in Edge. Microsoft confirms that if enterprise administrators do not update their environment so that it does not rely on Internet Explorer 11, they may experience an issue as of February 14, 2023.

together Microsoft offersthat although Internet Explorer 11 will be disabled in Windows 10 in February 2023 (due to the update edge), any Icons and references for the app will not disappear until mid-June 2023 – After installing cumulative security patches for the system.

20 years of Dobreprogramy – Report from the Norplin Factory

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