Freeze frame from a Google animation showing the use of only necessary parts in AAB

Android TV and Google TV running on TVs and smartTV boxes from 2023 will be much easier to use. The goal is to force developers to switch to AAB packages from existing APK packages, which for users means freeing up space in the still small memory of TVs or set-top boxes.

You can read about the details of the case at Official Google Ad. Although AAB (Android App Bundles) was introduced for the first time in 2020, Starting in May 2023, Google will require Android TV and Google TV app developersTo prepare their software this way, instead of the existing APK packages also known from classic Android on smartphones and tablets.

Due to the slightly different AAB syntax and dynamic loading of only the parts of the application that are needed in a particular case (such as language packs), this will save a lot of memory, which – according to Google – For Smart TV, it averages 8GB. Therefore, Android TV and Google TV users today are very limited when it comes to the number of programs installed at the same time, and more and more useful, if only because of the expansion of the offer of VOD services.

Freeze frame from a Google animation showing the use of only necessary parts in AAB
Image source: © Google

Freeze frame from a Google animation showing the use of only necessary parts in AAB

Google calculates that one package AAB occupies an average of 20% after fixation. Less space than the corresponding APK. This may seem like a small benefit, but with so many streaming services on your TV, it can give you extra space for another app. This is especially important in an era of an increasing number of video-on-demand services.

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AAB packages don’t just save space

Google points out that using AAB instead of APK in TVs will save practically not only valuable memory space. Apps are also meant to be practical thanks to this Safer, and the user will be able to archive them on the device (thereby saving additional space without having to uninstall). In the long run, it will save time to reinstall the app in the future.

Apps developed for Android TV and Google TV should be delivered as AAB packages from May 2023. Google expects to rework the packages It will take no more than 3 days from the creatorsBecause of this announcement of the changes, they have in practice about half a year to do so. AAB packages are supported starting with Android 5.0 (API level 21), which means that many will benefit from the change, even older TVs and smart set-top boxes with Android TV or with the Google TV system.

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