Important news for the elderly.  There will be changes to the retiree's ID card

The pensioner card is issued upon obtaining the right to a pension, but also in the event of obtaining pensions, teachers' compensation or bridge pensions. The document also has an electronic version, and important changes will be introduced soon. All seniors should know about this.

The pensioner card becomes available in 2023

Issued virtually in electronic form

. Nowadays, this is a big help because the vast majority of people don't go anywhere without their devices

smart phone

. The Social Insurance Institution has automatically issued mLegitymacja to all seniors who have become eligible for a retirement or disability pension as of the beginning of 2023. Beneficiaries can install it using the mObywatel app.

The traditional version of the ID card has not been completely abolished and elderly people who prefer to use a plastic document can do so

Submit a request for its issuance

. Interestingly, they do not have to be limited to just one copy of the ID card, because they can use both at the same time.

It turns out that information related to the offering has appeared in the Government Legislation Centre

Changes in the electronic version of the ID card

Retired. What does this mean for older Poles?

The introduction of changes to the electronic version of the pensioner's identity is necessary due to the adaptation of the provisions of the Regulation to the technical standards of mobile phone documents. Changes referred to in the Government Legislation Centre

Relates to the appearance of the ID card

It will not be of great importance. Only information regarding the invalidity of the document will disappear from the template. In discussing the regulations, it was emphasized that the amendments would in no way affect the verification carried out by entities offering discounts to seniors.

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