March 22, 2023


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Important changes to the traffic law from next year.  Drivers will save money with it

Important changes to the traffic law from next year. Drivers will save money with it

In December 2020, the release of the release package began. These are changes to the traffic law, the purpose of which is to make life easier for owners cars and drivers by simplifying many procedures and reducing the number of documents in circulation. From January 31, 2022, other provisions of the deregulation package will apply.

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Registration plates will not need to be changed

When we buy a used car, we are required by law to re-register and exchange it license platesSo that it is compatible with the area in which we live. From next year, you won’t have to do that anymore. The “used” car will be able to survive on the existing “plates”.

“The fee for the most issued car plates is 80 PLN, thanks to leaving the current registration number, you will not have to pay it, you will not have to pay for the control sticker – in total, in addition to the registration fee, it will save PLN 99.50 ”- informed the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Passenger car can be temporarily withdrawn from traffic

The second change, which will take effect on January 31, is to expand the list of vehicles temporarily withdrawn from traffic to include passenger cars. In the event of a car breakdown and the need for its repair as a result of damage to the main bearing elements of the chassis, it will be possible to withdraw the car from service for a period of 3 to 12 months. However, this cannot be done if we recall the car in the last three years. Restoring the vehicle for service will include an additional technical inspection of the vehicle after repair.

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The change will allow the owner of the vehicle to be repaired and paused to reduce costs insurance vehicle.