Important change for employees!  Now, the higher subsidy for meals has been exempted from Social Security contributions.  How much is it now, how are you going to use it: 3/7/2022

Good news for employees and employers who want to finance their meals at work. From March 1, the Ministry for the Family has radically raised the limit on employers’ subsidies for employee meals by its decree – now up to PLN 300 from this support is exempted from ZUS contributions; Previously, only 190 zlotys were contributed. As a result, employers will be more willing to use meal subsidies as a form of employee benefit. As calculated by experts, the annual savings resulting from this change of company and employee due to the exemption from contributions amount to 1426.51 PLN. All this means that subsidizing PLN 300 for employee meals may be a hit this year among employee benefits.

On March 1, an amendment to the decree of the Minister of Family and Social Policy came into force, according to which the amount of the exemption from the contribution to subsidizing meals for employees increased significantly – up to PLN 300 per employee per month, which is almost 60% of the increase. Employers and employees have long waited for the amount to be indexed, which has not been increased since 2004.

According to surveys, up to 76% of employees said they would like to receive support for work meals

In the era of inflation and difficult market condition, the introduced change also brings tax advantages. According to Sodexo experts, the employer will save up to PLN 740 per year on social security contributions for each employee. The employee himself also earns – savings up to PLN 690 per year. In total, the price reaches PLN 1,430 per employee.

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