Immortal Diablo players have a “huge debt”.  Blizzard to ban debtors

The Diablo Immortal community has encountered a very unusual problem. Players bought orbs on unofficial sites and Blizzard decided to respond – it put negative balances on accounts and now those interested have to pay off their debts.

Blizzard can’t complain about the lack of interest in Diablo Immortal, as many players still spend their spare time in studio productions and willingly spend money to improve their heroes.

However, some Diablo Immortal fans decided to use “third parties” to pack their orbs, but Blizzard didn’t like the situation – The company decided to respond and “negative offense balances” appeared in the players’ accounts. Now players cannot quickly reload profiles to upgrade their characters again, and it is necessary to pay off the debt.

According to players’ opinions – If the fans don’t pay their debts, they’ll be banned, so if fans want to keep their characters, they’ll have to take extra dollars out of their wallet.

It must be emphasized that Blizzard prohibits the use of external stores, however, orbs are cheaper in such locations, so some players have tried to save.

For comparison, the Blizzard 7200 orb is priced at $99.99, and on unofficial sites you can find such kits for $30-50.

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