IKEA.  Huvudroll Frozen Vegetable Meatballs - Batch withdrawn, GIS warning

Ikea has announced a recall of a batch of frozen meatballs from Huvudroll. The reason is the dangerous presence of plastic elements in the product. Customers are required to connect to the sales network.

IKEA posted a product recall letter on its website. “(…) One batch of Huvudroll frozen vegetable meatballs in packages of 1000 grams was contaminated with plastic elements from the damaged production line. For this reason, products belonging to this batch are withdrawn from the market” – we read.

Ikea recalls a batch of the product

As donated, Huvudroll Frozen Meatballs and Vegetables in 1000g packages with a use date 10-26-2022 can be returned at any Ikea store for a full refund. “Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required” – representatives of the Ikea chain confirmed.

The returned product contains the bar code 1.704.877.95.0008 and the product number 704.877.95. “IKEA apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this situation,” he added.


A warning has also been published in this regard by the Head of the Health Inspectorate. “You should not eat the product from the batch indicated in the advertisement” – informed representatives of GIS.

State health inspection authorities monitor the recall of the product.

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