Iga Świątek turned into Serena Williams.  In one word, the fans went crazy

There were no strong rivals for Iga Świątek either at Roland Garros this year. As in the previous two editions, the Pole was happy with the main trophy on Saturday, proving to the world that she can safely be called the queen of the meal. The only major problems in the French capital came from Tomasz Viktorovski in the second round, when she at one point defended the match ball against Naomi Osaka. The Japanese did not take advantage, the Razin player gathered her strength, and in just twelve minutes or so the score changed dramatically. The 23-year-old took the lead entering the third round. She did not lose a set until the final match. Stars like Vondrousova and Coco Gauff didn’t stand up to her.

There were no big emotions in the “Polish” final. It was the day I healed you

These weeks have been really tough. Three two-week tournaments over seven weeks, plus the Stuttgart Championship and the Billie Jean King Cup. It was amazing, but we knew it could be done. And Iga did just that

~ Tomas Viktorovsky summed up her performance on Eurosport

Iga Świątek compared to Serena Williams. That’s how she reacted

Our compatriot has at least some reasons to be happy. The next cup is one for the group. Accomplishing this feat for the third time in a row made experts and journalists quickly compare the Pole with the greatest of legends. Raszynian’s success did not go unnoticed in the United States. The Americans also recalled the amazing series of victories achieved by Serena Williams on the courts of New York. The 42-year-old won in her home country in 2012-14. The entry on the X platform reached Iga Świątek, who did not hesitate to comment on it.

“Powerful” – The five-time Grand Slam champion recently wrote about one of the greatest players in history. The fans quickly noticed the reaction of the Poles, who took advantage of the opportunity and began to congratulate her en masse. There was no shortage of interesting opinions. “You’re better than her,” one of them said. Another added: “Don’t be so humble.” “You were amazing throughout the tournament,” another user wrote.

We Poles also have something to be happy about. After all, we live in an era of an elite athlete who can stay at the top for a long time due to her young age..

Switzerland – Austria. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

I will heal you/Thomas Jastrzebowski/Reporter

I will heal you/AFP/Getty Images North America Michael Reeves/MR/MR/France Press agency

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